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Why Are We Here?

‣ In today’s reality, as both students and parents carry a limited awareness of the new educational opportunities available, a majority of students tend to limit their options and end up focussing on only certain courses or branches.

‣ Thus, due to this lack of vital information, many deserving students often end up making the wrong choices at this crucial educational juncture, and end up in incompatible institutions.

‣ About 25 years ago, there was not a single information service portal available in all of India to advise a student on how to choose the right institutions. Sadly, even today, this same situation exists. Hence, we have decided to help the present generation to make the right application choices within the right time-frames, based on their interests and passions, with reputed govt. and govt.- aided institutions.

‣ As a result of this one-time mistake, due to an innocent ignorance, such students often go on to face long-term difficulties in their career paths.