Career Guidance Programme

Career Guidance Programme Testimonial

JEE Adv Rank : 9228
Placed in IIT Madras

I attended TICF’s career guidance seminar and that helped me discover a lot more options that exists after +2, apart from Engineering and Medicine. I am basically a physical science aspirant and appeared for JEE and my mains and advanced AIR were 25786 and 9228 respectively. With TICF Admission Alert, applied for IISER, NISER and I got admitted into integrated M.Sc Biological Sciences in IIT-Madras and am very happy with my course.

Why should I attend TICF’s Career Guidance Programme ?

  • After 10+2, there are more than 80+ entrance examinations conducted by reputed Institutions all across the country. Of these, 70+ entrance examinations will not take into consideration your Board marks. As a result of this situation, students actually have more than 70+ extra Alternative Opportunities available to them.

  • But as a majority of students focus solely on Board, IIT or Medical Entrance Examinations, there is A Great Tendancy to Miss these alternative avenues, which could potentially lead to other equally advantageous and exciting opportunities.

  • We strongly believe that it is impossible to accurately assess a student’s true academic potential within a mere Three Hours Examination. As such, it is Fundamentally Unfair for a one-time examination to decide the destiny of a student’s future in years to come.

  • However, a student Can successfully solve this problem by making an informed decision reached after Understanding the Complete Basket of Opportunities Available to him or her.