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Admission Alerts Testimonial

Vibha Sreenidhi

...TICF suggested that I appear for UCEED as well. I stood AIR 5th, and got admitted to B.Des in IIT-B. I am very happy I took their advice, thank you TICF.

Nivedhitha T
JEE Main AIR:131313
Placed in National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

After Attending the Career Guidance Seminar, I Subscribed Admission alert and I applied all Entrance Exams including JEE Main, NEET, BITS Pilani Etc. I Cleared NEET exam and got good rank in JEE Main. Based on my JEE main Rank I Joined NIT Trichy.

  • Knowing of all these entrance examinations and applying within the right time deadlines will pave the way to identifying their inherent talents – which in turn could allow them to achieve a far greater success than the one suggested by their original choice. (For example, if a student is capable of clearing more than 15 entrance examinations, why should anyone restrict him to just two?)

  • The move from school to college is a very crucial one. But as there are enormous opportunities available after 10+2, many students and parents never know about these hidden options. TICF’s Admission Alerts will notify the right admission information, at right time, through SMS/Email/Website.

  • It is only at this ‘once in a life time’ juncture that a student can explore every option available after 10+2. It is one that will create more ‘winning experiences’, boost their confidence, and after gaining a successful admission, allow them to choose a course based on their interest, as well as to reject whichever ones they don’t want. TICF Admission Alerts will intervene at the right time to help you make this crucial decision.

  • All India Application processes for most reputed institutions tend to commence at the start of the new academic year (For e.g., for 2017 admissions, the application process begins on July 2016 onwards). But a majority of students will only start their lookout for admissions after the Board Examination. However, by that time, all the reputed national level applications will be closed – causing students to land up in not-so-reputed local institutions, even though they were capable of much better achievements.

  • As everyone is busy with their school, tuition or entrance examination coaching schedules, they tend to miss making applications to these reputable institutions – basically because they are either too preoccupied elsewhere or are just simply less aware of these golden educational opportunities.

  • TICF’s Admission Alerts will provide students with advanced forewarning of crucial admission details, in a timely fashion – thus allowing them to explore various unexplored educational opportunities.

  • If a student remains ignorant about one such entrance examination, then he or she could miss a golden opportunity that is equivalent to the Board Examination. In consequence, he or she would have to wait another full year to apply for that same examination.

  • During Board Examinations, students have to recollect their one-years-worth of learned knowledge and reproduce it in a single sitting. But in the case of subject-based entrance examinations, the questions will be objective in nature (i.e. Multiple Choice Questions) - making it easier to recollect the answers from the given choices. There would also be other examinations which would feature subjects that stray beyond what had been learned in school – thus requiring answers that are creative in nature. TICF Admission Alerts will notify you of when and where these exams occur.

  • TICF’s Admission Alerts will provide vital information details regarding various reputed govt. institutions and / or their examination methods. There will be updates on the courses offered, admission processes, application procedures, facilities, fee structures, the various streams, as well as important dates and other relevant information.