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TICF - Mission & Vision

Technocrats India College Finder (TICF) is a Social Entrepreneurship venture founded in 2003 by NEDUNCHEZHIAN D, an experienced educationist and TV personality with a proven professional track record. He is an alumnus of the College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), Anna University, Chennai.

As a student’s future career depends entirely on the choices he/she makes, we have long realised that making a crucial educational career decision can be a challenging and sometimes confusing one. Today in India we have a very serious problem: there now exists a complete disconnect in the admission process from schools to colleges. The primary focus of our schools is to churn out students who can excel in exams and attain good Board Marks. However, their greatest failure lies in not informing students about the complete basket of opportunities available after 10 and +2.

Furthermore, in today’s reality, as both students and parents have limited awareness of the new educational opportunities available to them, the majority of students tend to limit their options and focus only on certain courses/branches. Due to this lack of vital information, many deserving students often end up making wrong choices at this crucial educational junction, and ended up in incompatible institutions. As a result of this innocent one-time mistake, such students often face long-term consequences in their career paths. Hence, we have set out a mission to create awareness amongst both student and parent communities about the complete basket of opportunities available to them. While 80+ of entrance examinations are conducted by Govt. and Govt. - Aided institutions every year, it is incredible to note that nearly 70 of them do not consider board exam marks at all. While it is indeed important to focus on board exams, it is equally if not more important to pay attention to the multitude of other options available.


We strive to do our part in empowering each and every student - and their parents - with the crucial knowledge necessary to avoid the pitfalls and choosing the right institutions.

Our Activities in Education Spectrum


Aimed at classes IX, X, XI and XII, this seminar covers a motivation session that highlights the do’s and dont’s in entrance exams, as well as how to choose the right colleges and reputed Govt. / Govt. - Aided institutions. It is then followed by a discussion on admission processes and courses offered by a range of institutions in various streams. This seminar will cover approximately 80+ Entrance Examinations 350+ institutions on 30+ streams.More..,


The admission processes for all of these reputed Govt. institutions always commence at the beginning of the new academic year. Unfortunately, as a result of being pre-occupied with school exams and other activities, the majority of students tend to miss their application deadlines. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide this vital admission information (ie: TICF Admission Alerts) at timely intervals. Registered members will receive 150+ admission alerts via email/sms/website. More..,


At present, the vast majority of national level entrance exam applications are submitted online. However, due to the lack of time and the often wide range of documents that are needed to be attached, student applicants can end up making crucial mistakes and omissions.

As such, we at TICF have successfully pioneered an applications assistance programme for the benefit of students to complete their online applications. We will carry out the entire application process formalities based on the candidate’s particular requests, uploading the required documents in the right format, uploading the hall tickets and notifying the students and parents on time. More..,


For the first time in India, we are proud to introduce a unique service for the benefit of students who, despite their high rankings, have not landed at a deserving reputable institution. To address this problem, TICF Choice Filling sessions with students and parents will educate them on the complete counselling process and the ways to make better choices to enter the best institutions, based on their rankings. We are proud to declare that over the past several years, this service (which provided ONLY by TICF) has successfully helped many students with lower rankings to enter into reputed IITs, NITs, BITS and other national level institutions. More..,


Since entrance exams are presented on an objective format, they require a sound understanding of the basic concepts involved. At TICF, for the first time in India (yes, ANOTHER FIRST) we have introduced unique methods of self-study where students can learn with the help of peers, not teachers. This system, which minimises the usage of extra books without the involvement of a teacher, has the effect of alleviating fear and boosts their self-confidence, which in turn enables them to get a maximum of answers right. More..,


At TICF, we provide facilitation classes for creative exams like Design (NID and UCEED) and Architecture (NATA and JEE Paper II). These classes are handled in a way that helps students identify their particular talents and passions, while keeping their spirits up during the stressful exam periods. Our creative faculty will infuse a world of original ideas into the young students’ minds and psyche, and inspire the growth of unbridled creativity and confidence. More..,


Just when +2 students have heaved a sigh of relief after their last board exam they are faced with a major decision to make - one that will impact their lives and careers for years to come.

At TICF, our mission is to enable students to clear as many entrance exams in his or her field of interest. Besides sharpening their academic knowledge base, this process will create a series of winning experiences that would boost their self-confidence immensely. They can then systematically eliminate and choose from the many possible avenues that they have created for themselves. It is all about making the right decisions based upon sound TICF advice, and clearing a successful academic pathway ahead … one that would eventually lead to an enriching prospect-filled future in life.