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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Programme – 4 Years – 8 Semesters – 120 Seats

The following major disciplines are available in the Bachelor of Science (Research) Programme:

Biology Chemistry Earth and Environmental Science Materials Mathematics Physics


  • Candidates who have completed their II PUC / 12th Standard in 2019
  • Candidates who are expecting to complete their II PUC / 12th Standard in 2020
  • First class or 60% or equivalentgrade in II PUC /12th Standard (General/OBC-NCL)
  • Relaxed to pass class for SC/ST candidates in II PUC / 12th Standard

Bachelor of Science (Research) Programme will be open to students of PUC/12th standard whose main subjects include Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.Students who have studied Biology, Economics, Electronics, Computer Science, Statistics, etc., should also have taken Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Semesters 1,2,3:

Systematic exposure to the pillars of scientific, mathematical and engineering principles take place during the first three semesters. In each of these semesters, the students will take one course each in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, engineering and humanities. Teaching of the compulsory core courses in science and engineering will include substantial components of laboratory demonstrations and hands-on experiments.

The students will also be exposed to courses in humanities that will help them appreciate science and its societal implications and also sharpen their skills in communicating science to both experts and to society at large.

Semesters 4,5,6:

At the beginning of the fourth semester, each student will choose a discipline for specialization ("Major") according to his/her academic interest. The following specializations are available: (1) Biology (2) Chemistry (3) Earth & Environmental Science (4) Materials (5) Mathematics (6) Physics. All these specializations are interdisciplinary in nature in that there will be adequate exposure to other disciplines. The number of students in each discipline will be approximately the same.

Both the academic interest of the student and his/her performance in the first three semesters will be considered for allocating the Major disciplines. In addition to a Major discipline, a student may also choose a discipline as a "Minor" discipline. In each of these semesters, the students will take four courses in the chosen Major and Minor disciplines. They will also take one elective course in engineering and one seminar course in humanities.

Semesters 7,8:

A research project will be started in the seventh semester along with advanced elective courses. The final semester will be devoted exclusively to the project. The project should be in the chosen Major discipline or an interdisciplinary topic that has a substantial overlap with the major discipline.

Semesters 9,10 (Optional)

Students who opt for the Master of Science programme will take advanced courses and carry out a research project in the fifth year. The break-up of credits into courses and project may vary between disciplines.

The advanced courses will be selected from existing courses available in Masters and PhD programmes of the Institute. Some of these courses may be designated as compulsory in certain disciplines, depending on programme requirements.

Students who complete all requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science (Research) degree have the option of getting Master of Science degree by studying at the institute for a fifth year.

The graduates of this programme will obtain a Bachelor of Science (Research) degree in a specialization. Though this programme is designed to offer specialization in a science stream, the knowledge imparted carries a strong flavour of engineering and an exposure to social sciences. The students specializing in a particular discipline are encouraged to take courses from other disciplines, thus maintaining strong interdisciplinary links. One full year of participation in a research project identifies the programme as unique and innovative. This research based interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science (Research) Programme is well suited to meet the present vocational and post graduate demands of a highly technological world.

The Bachelor of Science (Research) Programme is embedded in a mature and highly sophisticated research culture which has a strong base in both science and engineering. This research culture has evolved over the last hundred years, engendered primarily by a highly distinguished faculty and brilliant graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The academic environment is open, free, pedagogic and non-hierarchical.

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Our Educational Expert Clarifications

IISc Questions
Presently, I am studying 12th std. Can I apply for IISc, Am I eligible to apply ? name
Pavitraa Aug 17, 2013

Yes, you are eligible for IISc., provided you should have already applied/appeared for any one of the following four examinations, 1. Kishore Vaignayic Protshan Yojana (KVPY), 2. IIT JEE, 3. AIEEE, 4. AIPMT You have to apply separately for IISc with this details.

IISc Questions
What is the minimum percentage of marks required for the eligiblity to IISc B.S course ? name
Janani Feb 06, 2012

Candidates should have 60% marks in +2 or equivalent exam, and the candidate must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Maths in +2 or PUC course.

IISc Questions
I have completed my +2 in 2011, Am I eligible to apply for IISc this year 2012 ? name
Mukesh Feb 06, 2012

Yes you are eligible to apply B.S degree courses in IISc this year 2012.

IISc Questions
How many seats are available for the B.S programme in IISc ? name
Sanjay kumar Jan 31, 2012

The BS programme at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) will admit about 110 to 120 students.