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Technocrats India College Finder

‣ All parents - be they rich or poor, urban or rural - would certainly be willing to make extraordinary sacrifices to provide quality education for their children. However, there is an equally important need to ensure that their children’s educational aspirations would not be cheated or misguided.

‣ In order to address this crucial need, Technocrats India College Finder (TICF) was founded by Nedunchezhian D, a social entrepreneur and TV personality who graduated from College of Engineering Guindy (CEG), Anna University, Chennai. Over the years, Mr Nedunchezhian has successfully armed lakhs of students and parents with vital information, which enabled them to choose the right institutions of good repute.More..,

‣ In today’s reality, as both students and parents carry a limited awareness of the new educational opportunities available, a majority of students tend to limit their options and end up focussing on only certain courses or branches.

‣ Thus, due to this lack of vital information, many deserving students often end up making the wrong choices at this crucial educational juncture, and end up in incompatible institutions.More..,

TICF has a rich experience of drawing upon a diverse range of educational research projects. It has also been called upon to participate in various committees constituted by both the Central and State Governments of India. More..,

Anna University of Technology - Tiruchirappalli

‣ Started Innovautt – Innovation Club for Students and generated 1000 innovative Ideas through Innovautt 2011 Exhibition Tech Club and other Student Related Matters

‣  Technocrats India College Finder was Empanled by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for conducting Career Guidance Seminar for IX, X, XI and XII Std. students across the CBSE Schools in India and Abroad till 2016.

Our Publications

Technocrats College Admission Guide (2003)

Technocrats College Admission Guide (2003)

Tamilnadu Engineering Colleges Admission Guide (2004 & 2005)

Tamilnadu Engineering Colleges Admission Guide (2004 & 2005)

Technocrats India Colleges Admission Guide (2006)

Technocrats India Colleges Admission Guide (2006)